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2014-07-24 02:59 am

fragment for come-at-once: Fair Trade

obstinatrix prompted: a little danger makes the heart beat faster

This is an unfinished fragment, a rough draft that ends before the porn gets moving. I'd pass again, but I've already done it once and it'll only happen again - I'm choking under pressure. Perhaps you can derive some pleasure from my mortification, and some hope from the thought that I may finish this one and the other for the amnesty.


Title: Fair Trade
Author: ficklepig
'Verse: BBC
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Watson
Prompt: "a little danger makes the heart beat faster
Warnings: domestic violence, explicit descriptions of injuries, infidelity
Word Count: ~1220
Rating: mature

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2014-01-12 12:19 am

[discussion] A House Already Haunted

This is a discussion post for A House Already Haunted at AO3 (story first posted for the December 2013 Holmestice). Discussion will contain spoilers.

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(Been meaning to do this, then suddenly had to get on the ball - thanks very much for the rec, [ profile] holyfant!)
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2013-12-31 04:32 pm

your yearly fic

title: A House Already Haunted    |   AO3  |   Holmestice
fandom: BBC Sherlock
pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan, Mary Morstan/John Watson, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
warning: Major character death.
word count: ~4000

Helen Watson tells a ghost story.


December 2013 Holmestice fic for [ profile] yeomanrand and [ profile] shinychimera.

All thanks to [ profile] bivouack and a kind anon for reading.

This one is all about sex, really, but you never get to see any. Pairings are deceiving.
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2013-07-29 10:09 pm

fic! fic! fresh fic! sort of fresh. ok, weeks-old fic.

word count:
we all do silly things (on AO3) (on the holmestice comm)
BBC Sherlock
mild gore (canon)

Molly wasn't exactly lonely, but it was nice to be courted. It was exciting.


June 2013 Holmestice fic for [ profile] eanor, tied up a little more neatly on AO3. Behind-the-scenes during "A Scandal in Belgravia". Timeline is probably slightly wonky. Thanks be to [ profile] swissmarg and [ profile] bivouack.
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2013-07-02 09:00 am

the wheels of fic grind coarse

I made a storylet. It suffered from anxiety and benefited from deadline extensions. I will rearrange its costume and post it at some time when it is feeling more itself.
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2013-06-06 08:34 pm

(no subject)

Dear lovely real-life imaginary internet friends: if you posted to Holmestice and I haven't commented yet, it's probably because I haven't read it yet.

Anyone playing [ profile] come_at_once? Not sure I can this round, since I might be traveling.
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2013-06-03 12:32 pm

if I may quote myself

There is no point to writing Mycroft after Bird's Bone. There's no point.

~insert exhausted hysterical laughter~
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2012-11-05 11:09 am
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Early Morning by ruthenia_alba

LJ broke my theme. :-(

I'mma use a different one because I don't have the time to endlessly poke at style sheets, but I sure liked that one. It matched my gruesome icon.
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2012-09-13 04:17 pm

jeeze, finally

The Flight, beta'd and tidied.

*dusts hands*
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2012-03-27 12:33 am


If you think you know me under another name, I'm probably uncomfortable with you reading this. Feel free to open the conversation if you think there's anything to be gained.

post-it note: policies and person
I mostly "friend" people because I want to follow their journals - usually for the fic. I have no investment in whether you follow mine, or give me access to personal writing, or whatnot. If I cut you, or you me, it's not any more personal. Reading lists ebb and flow.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not ficklepig anywhere else on the internet except dreamwidth and AO3 (and maybe tumblr), so don't blame those people on Etsy.
I am shameful sock-pornster.
I am also a baby writer. ( [non-explicit listing of a variety of of physical and psychological abuses follows] )

post-it note: beta you than me
If you'd like beta-reading, these are my general stats
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2012-02-23 12:44 pm

The Flight, Part 2/2

Cleaned up and beta'd on AO3.

WARNINGS: dark, non-con, sibling incest, underage, violence, non-procreative bodily fluids

For kink meme Omegaverse prompt:
One of the Holmes boys is an alpha, and the other is an omega. Normally, siblings aren't compelled to knot each other during oestrus; in fact, the hormone cocktail is supposed to put off close family. But Mycroft and Sherlock already put each other off, and it's not like they're anything approaching normal on a good day...

2/27 EDIT: Aaaaaand, currently in belated beta. Woot!
3/13 EDIT: No, seriously. Waiting to finish followup and post both together. This is SO SO SO NOT BRITPICKED.
4/4 EDIT: Goddamnit, people, stop looking at this until I get it fixed. Alright ... headed over to post for Britpicking. Fear!
6/6 EDIT: I'm probably not the slowest ficcer out there, but, 
OK, it's been picked over. I'll pimp the final draft when it's up - it's not a lot different. Think "cereal bars" and some dialogue changes. Hey, who knew "goddamn" fell out of favor in England in the 19th century? Well, you did. And you.
9/13 EDIT: Holy Christ, it's up.



On Mycroft's bed they are again curled back-to-front. )

 (Link to Part 1)
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2012-02-01 05:19 pm
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post-it note: policies and person

I add people to friends lists and watch lists fairly arbitrarily. I have no investment in whether you follow my LJ, or give me access to personal writing, or whatnot. Reading lists ebb and flow.

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EDIT: I AM NOT THE "FICKLEPIG" ON ETSY. Don't blame them. I'm here and have squatted on AO3, Dreamwidth, and Tumblr. And maybe another place or two. Just fandom stuff.
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2012-02-01 12:36 pm
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post-it note: content

I am shameful sock-pornster.

I am also a baby writer. [non-explicit listing of a variety of of physical and psychological abuses] )

I will warn for content to the extent that I am able.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.
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2012-02-01 12:34 pm
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post-it note: beta you than me

If you'd like beta-reading, these are my general stats:

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Did I forget anything?