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I am shameful sock-pornster.

I am also a baby writer. This means I currently have no beta partners and that although I understand that no one wants to be anyone's free drive-by editor, I would be grateful for any kind of critical feedback in comments or in private, including picking for non-American-English fandoms, grammar correction, and critiques of style, pacing, plot, characterization, and unintentional hilariousness. I am grateful for any attention at all, actually. Never think a comment won't make me squirm with joy. (No pressure!)

So that's my policy on con, crit, and concrit. Say it, don't say it, it is valuable and I won't think you're a meany unless you obviously are.

It would be fair to assume that nothing you read on this journal is in its final form unless otherwise noted. That said, I'll at least be unashamed of where it is by the time it's posted.

I have very few hard squicks. (Parasitic worms and foot injuries give me the screaming meemies.) In my writing I am likely to incorporate, with no morally redeeming intent, [listing of a variety of of physical and psychological abuses follows] extreme physical violence and gore, drug use, non-consensual sexual activities, sibling and parent-child incest, including contact with people under the legal age of consent, sexual abuse of children (more likely implied than explicit), psychological horror, and a wide range of bodily fluids and humors.

There are more-than-sufficient graphic depictions of sexual and sexualized violence against women available in every imaginable medium, but I won't rule them out. I'm simply more interested in whumping the boys. (5/16/2012: I take it back - there's a violent M/F rape on the back burner.)

I will warn for content to the extent that I am able.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.
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